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The Safrik and Grenik Pandemic

A Report By: ZBC News The Safrik and Grenik Viruses The Safrik and Grenik viruses have gripped the country once again. If news reports are to be trusted these viruses have spread to every corner of the country infecting everyone it comes in contact with. The R 0 for these viruses seems to be between 8.2 and 10.5 which makes them extremely transmissible. Every day of the pandemic feels like it could be the worst day, but it keeps getting worse. Some experts in virology claim that the virus not only spreads with contact but also can spread via other means like telephone cables, Cable TV and Internet making it very hard to track and control. Patient 0 for these viruses was never identified as the spread is so rapid and the viruses predate modern science.  These viruses were given their respective names many decades ago when the pandemic then was at its peak. The names are based on how the infected navigate towards particular colors, saffron in the case of Safrik and green in the case of
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Nebulous Stellar Nebulae

  I would be very honored to write and dedicate this piece to women in my dull boring life that brings out the vivacious quintessence in me on this women's day. I am speechless and tongue-tied to comprehend and put forth in words about why is the world so dumb not to accept the major role women play in development of any individual, I accept blatantly and heartfully today i’m here the way I am because of those amazing women.  I do not hesitate, even for a fraction of second, to gracefully accept the fact and say that these women are superior and of stupendous attributes than I was, am or can ever be at any point in time. Some women may appear biologically or physiologically weak and I sympathize with nature for that.  However, their physiology that mother nature has impoverished is made up for by the prodigious mental grit, intelligence, managerial abilities and many other peculiar traits they possess. I admire these women for their mettle to progress in the echelons of the unfair

Birth, a Life of Regrets and Death

BIRTH A blank slate to write a marvelous story and then there are sounds of a baby crying. Sitting in the backseat of a car, pondering with inquisitiveness at the two adults sitting in the front seats with one of them in control of the steering wheel.  LIFE BEGINS  The engine cranks up and the car steadily moves past Mile 0. The Journey Begins!! The baby in the back seat is all smiles looking out of the window and admiring the trees and all the new things he sees. The car drives past mile 3, mile 5 and then Mile 6 as the baby grows into a toddler and then a kid. The adult in the driver's seat drives through the familiar road, a path they were told is right for them. They notice all these exits that they are driving past, never taking one. They keep following the familiar road, swapping seats at regular intervals. All the exits to unknown roads that were missed fade away into the darkness and the kid arrives at Teenage. TEENAGE  The teenager in the car looks at everyone driving on t